Detail of Resonator in Laser Machine I Worked on in Guadalajara

Born in adversity, raised by experts and matured with time, Thinn Engineering offers everything you might need in an Electrical Engineering company. After all, your project is important to you. That's why you want an engineering company with 'the right stuff', as someone once famously said. You want an engineering company with experience, insight and vision. At Thinn Engineering, we cut our teeth on projects that require all of the above and more.

Though we are not the largest Engineering company in the world, don't let our small size fool you: we can still offer great service and designs. We do it by drawing upon the resources of other great companies when needed, thus allowing us to keep costs to a minimum and pass the savings on to our customers. Think about wouldn't keep the person who details your car on your payroll full time, would you? No matter how good of a job they might do, once you are through with their services, you free them to pursue other projects, right? Same with Thinn Engineering: we bring in the best and brightest when a project calls for special services, otherwise, we do it ourselves. Let's face it: industry needs to run 'lean and mean' in this new, modern economy, There is no longer the luxury of wasting capital on expenses that are unnecessary and wasteful. Bringing in people when they are needed helps keep project expenses reasonable and just makes good business sense. The added advantage of such an arrangement is that it allows us to pick from the very best when we work on a project.